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(ˈwʊstəˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county of W central England, formerly (1974–98) part of Hereford and Worcester. Administrative centre: Worcester. Pop: 549 300 (2003 est). Area: 1742 sq km (674 sq miles)


(ˈwʊs tərˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a former county in W central England, now part of Hereford and Worcester.
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Noun1.Worcestershire - a savory sauce of vinegar and soy sauce and spicesWorcestershire - a savory sauce of vinegar and soy sauce and spices
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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Nevertheless, the Spy and the county of Worcester had no doubts as to the eventual outcome.
Juniors Matthew Ingram (Meriden) 559, Caitlin McCarthy (Leamington) 529 and Michael McCarthy (Leamington) 449, all took visitor medals in the County of Worcester Championships, which were incorporated in the event.
In A History of the County of Worcester, Volume 3 (published 1913) it says: "The original house appears to have been a large building, inclosing two quadrangles, divided from each other by a great hall.
For centuries, Lea Hall and the adjoining Kitts Green remained a secluded rural spot in the parish of Yardley in the County of Worcester.
State of Delaware, and in the county of Worcester, Maryland.
It reads: "Richard Eaves of Sarehole in the Parish of Yardley in the County of Worcester, grants to Richard Horsman the Elder of Campden in the County of Gloucester, fruiterer for pounds 800 all that Water Corn Mill with the Appurtenances called by the Name of Biddles Mill otherwise the little Mill which said Mill .