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n.1.(Naut.) A space in the galley; a part of the hatches.
2.The pursuit or running game with dogs that follow by sight instead of by scent.
In coursing of a deer, or hart, with greyhounds.
- Bacon
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United States in June 2013 and before the Supreme Courts denial of review in October 2014, the ball was already rolling on employee benefits issues, says Bob Coursey, an employment law attorney and human resource adviser at Employers Council.
Thomas 2-4 0-0 6, Gollon 2-5 2-2 7, Coursey 5-11 0-0 10, White Jr.
By late 2012, the traditional network access control (NAC) device responsible for authenticating users had become a serious choke point," recalls Cal Coursey, interim CIO.
We put this data about atrazine into a jobs perspective because people want to know the impact on the average consumer," said Coursey.
Course manager and chief designer Pete Coursey believes that variety and student interaction are key elements.
REIGNING Northern Ireland rally champion Stuart Biggerstaff has already started 2011 in winning ways after being named the prestigious British Motorsport Marshals Club driver of the year 2010, which was presented by the club's vice chairman Robert Coursey at the ANICC awards dinner.
Kevin Coursey will lead the new operation as the new market field sales representative.
Greenwood County Coroner Jim Coursey said Adams, 26, was taken to the emergency room at Self Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
TECHNOLOGY writer and columnist David Coursey says Apple and Microsoft may team up to fight Google.
lt;p>David Coursey researched this story using Firebox and has several add-ons he uses everyday.
VENETA - A private family service is planned for Tomi Jean Coursey of Veneta, who died Nov.
Meg Coursey is by far the youngest member of her religious order, the St.