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n.1.(Naut.) A space in the galley; a part of the hatches.
2.The pursuit or running game with dogs that follow by sight instead of by scent.
In coursing of a deer, or hart, with greyhounds.
- Bacon
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This is an exciting product for IoT device designers, especially for wearable IoT devices in need of compact solutions, said Cameron Coursey, vice president of AT&Ts Internet of Things Solutions.
Guillem BalaguAaAaAeA@ during an episode with skysports program La revis de la liga, photo coursey of Balague official website CAIRO -- 24 December 2017: Spanish football journalist Guillem BalaguAaAaAeA@ revealed on Saturd that Barcelona is losing hope of signing Brazilian winger Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool.
Court Coursey, managing partner of the Silicon Valley investment fund TomorrowVentures, called the proposal "disruptive/non-disruptive," adding: "It adds a new alternative.
Todd Coursey and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) 05D5 In-Service Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Design Integration Manager Cory Emmons have been working together to create and test the new and innovative throat guard aboard naval vessels.
United States in June 2013 and before the Supreme Courts denial of review in October 2014, the ball was already rolling on employee benefits issues, says Bob Coursey, an employment law attorney and human resource adviser at Employers Council.
Partial contents of volume 2, number 2 (Fall 2014): "Cycling Together: Menstrual Synchrony as a Projection of Gendered Solidarity," by Breanne Fahs, Jax Gonzalez, Rose Coursey, & Stephanie Robinson-Cestaro; "'Crazy Woman Juice': Making Sense of Women's Infertility Treatment with Clomiphene," by Ophra Leyser-Whalen; "Mexican-American Mothers' Perceptions regarding Vaccinating Their Daughters against HPV and Recommended Strategies to Promote Vaccine Uptake," by Meghan B.
Thomas 2-4 0-0 6, Gollon 2-5 2-2 7, Coursey 5-11 0-0 10, White Jr.
By late 2012, the traditional network access control (NAC) device responsible for authenticating users had become a serious choke point," recalls Cal Coursey, interim CIO.
12) Ayensu y Coursey confirman que son pocas las plantas de los cultivos alimentarios de los tropicos asociadas estrechamente a un grupo particular o un area cultural determinada, como sucede con el name entre ciertos pueblos de Africa occidental.
At Kinsale on Sunday, again in a winners' race, there was a great finish between Coursey Rover and West Cork Flash.
Course manager and chief designer Pete Coursey believes that variety and student interaction are key elements.