Court of St. James

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the usual designation of the British Court; - so called from the old palace of St. James, which is used for the royal receptions, levees, and drawing-rooms.

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This year, with an invitation from the Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St.
is also known as the ambassador of the United States to the Court of St.
Now 88, she recalls her childhood in vivid detail--long summer days frolicking in the Hyannis Port surf, winter afternoons sledding near their spacious Bronxville, New York, estate, and her family's experiences in London when President Roosevelt appointed their father ambassador to the Court of St.
High Commissioner Tikolevu who took up this diplomatic post in London in January this year becomes Fijis 10th High Commissioner accredited to the Court of St.
They pressed further, asking if he got income from the Court of Rome, but he smartly replied, "Na, na, nor yet fae the Court of St.
3 million, but that was easily paid by Obama campaign contributor Matthew Barzun, the new nominee to the Court of St.
Britain has evacuated its diplomatic staff from Iran and expelled the Iranian ambassador to the Court of St.
Among the posts for which Kennedy has been mentioned is ambassador to the Court of St.
The organisation grew from the dreams of John GWinant, then US Ambassador to the Court of St.
In 1794, Washington decided that he needed a special ambassador to go to the Court of St.
Finally, when Scotland Yard is done sniffing through your trash, you'll be officially ``presented'' at the Court of St.
While serving his father, Charles Francis Adams, Minister to the Court of St.