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Noun1.couverture - chocolate that contains at least 32 percent cocoa butter
chocolate - a food made from roasted ground cacao beans
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Treena uses imported Belgian couverture chocolate in making her Belgian chocolate bars and dark chocolate truffles.
The Holy Coconut shell and surprise- The Holy Coconut is the most gorgeous psychedelic mess, a couverture chocolate shell filled with a delicate coconut mousse and dotted with charnamrut coulis, sat amid white and milk chocolate soil, rose-raspberry coulis, dark chocolate cremeaux and pistachionut strugel.
Chef Sultan added: "The chefs used 1,200 eggs, 70kg sugar, 30kg flour, three litres vanilla essence, 40kg choco cream made with 8kg couverture chocolate, 10kg pure dairy butter, 26kg fondant sugar, 18kg icing sugar and 4kg of other ingredients.
Made fresh to order, the soft doughnut churros are a morish indulgence, served with a pot of melted couverture chocolate.
All the cookies and bites are made with European-style butter, organic sugar and flours, couverture chocolate, artisan cheeses, fresh nuts and seasonal fruits.
Mixed Spice Chocolate Cocktails with Kirsch Cherries Ingredients (makes 4) 100g of good couverture chocolate chopped up 250ml double cream 40g muscovado sugar ' teaspoon mixed spice 1 vanilla pod split a1nd scraped 2 small eggs Kirsch cherries Icing sugar and mint Method 1.
1 quart whole milk 7 ounces granulated sugar 7 ounces 66% Caraibe couverture chocolate feves 7 ounces cocoa powder