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 (kŭv′ər-dāl′), Miles 1488-1568.
English scholar and cleric who made the first complete English translation of the Bible (1535).


(Biography) Miles. 1488–1568, the first translator of the complete Bible into English (1535)


(ˈkʌv ərˌdeɪl)

Miles, 1488–1569, English cleric: translator of the Bible into English 1535.
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Miles Coverdale followed him with a complete translation in happier times.
Still two years later appeared a version compounded of those of Tyndale and Coverdale and called, from the fictitious name of its editor, the 'Matthew' Bible.
1539, under the direction of Archbishop Cranmer, Coverdale issued a revised edition, officially authorized for use in churches; its version of the Psalms still stands as the Psalter of the English Church.
The ever reliable opener, Neil Coverdale led the way with 56 and then professional Harsha Vithana struck a lovely century, making 102 off 101 balls, including 11 fours and two sixes, in a stand of 102 with Coverdale for the third wicket.
Set in one room of the home of a wealthy family, it follows the investigation into the brutal murder of Mr and Mrs Coverdale and their two adult children.
After surviving a bad cold, a minimalist homeopathic cure, and a diet of wretchedly smoky water-gruel prepared by fellow resident Zenobia, Coverdale not only regains his health but, thanks to an immersion in rigorous outdoor farm work, also acquires an impressively muscular physique.
50 (435m): Bransa Bird, Ards Apache, Coverdale Becki, Folayno Abbi (W), Hilltop Flyer (W).
The pull of a working waterwheel led chartered engineer Tony Coverdale to join the Saltford Brass Mill Project, a group of volunteers that care for the Somerset scheduled ancient monument.
They have spent hours working on the graves of Victoria Cross holders Harry Coverdale and Ernest Sykes.
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