covered bridge

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cov·ered bridge

A bridge whose roadway is enclosed by a roof and by walls on both sides.

Covered Bridge

A bridge with wooden trusses and a roof so that the trusses were protected from the weather.
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Noun1.Covered Bridge - a bridge whose passageway is protected by a roof and enclosing sidescovered bridge - a bridge whose passageway is protected by a roof and enclosing sides
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
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The doomed man was marched down a hall and out at a door-way into the covered Bridge of Sighs, through it and into the dungeon and unto his death.
org), which features an interactive kiosk to plan a tour of covered bridges.
In the past when I've seen some of Lane County's covered bridges, I was on the way to somewhere else.
America's Covered Bridges: Practical Crossings-Nostalgic Icons is the first book to consider the range of some 15,000 covered bridges built in the U.
Built in 1870, it is only one of two covered bridges still standing in Schuylkill County.
In the mid-19th century, covered bridges proliferated in the United States.
A national group that preserves covered bridges says a quick fix is needed to prevent a bridge in the northern Vermont town of Lyndonville from collapsing into the Passumpsic River, and it's hoping for a fast turnaround on the state and federal permits it needs to begin the work.
Village greens and covered bridges abound/with red clover on the tree-lined streets/of each small town throughout the//Green Mountain State.
Studies from various US government agencies look at the condition of bridges by state, federal and state roles in highway bridges, roads and bridges damaged by disaster, strengthening historic covered bridges for modern use, and railroad bridges and tunnels.
Durfee also is a nationally recognized expert on covered bridges and an author of technical papers, publications and presentations on bridge and structural engineering.
DON'T LET THE HORSE and buggy, historic one-room schoolhouse or quaint covered bridges fool you.
Richard Sanders Allen's Covered Bridges Of The Northeast (0486436624, $9.