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 (ĕm′trĭ-sĭt′ə-bēn′, -sī′tə-)
An antiviral drug, C8H10FN3O3S, that is a nucleoside reverse transcriptor inhibitor and is used in combination with other drugs to treat HIV infection or to reduce the risk of HIV infection.

[emtri- (probably Em(ory) University, where the drug was discovered + Tri(angle) Pharmaceuticals, company to which it was licensed) + -citabine, nucleoside analog antiviral and anticancer drug suff.; see zalcitabine.]


n emtricitabina
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There are at least 10 antiretroviral drugs of the NRTI class that are currently under investigation in clinical trials, including FTC Coviracil, an improved form of the drug 3TC (Epivir)
That product, previously known as Coviracil, was acquired by the company in January through its purchase of Triangle Pharmaceuticals.
New reverse transcriptase inhibitors are in the works, with names like DAPD and Coviracil (FTC), both from Triangle Pharmaceuticals; calanolide A, from Sarawak MediChem; capravirine, from Agouron; DPC 083 and DPC 961, from DuPont; and TMC 125 and TMC 120, from Tibotec-Virco.
Triangle's proprietary drug candidates under development for human immunodeficiency virus and/or hepatitis include Coviracil (emtricitabine), Coactinon (emivirine), amdoxovir and clevudine.
When combined with other standard antiretroviral therapies, Coviracil showed strong antiviral effects, suppressing viral load, in a once-a-day dosage.
Triangle drug candidates under development for human immunodeficiency virus and/or hepatitis B virus include Coviracil (emtricitabine), Coactinon (emivirine), DAPD, L-FMAU and DMP-450.
Gilead's interest in Triangle is the co-formulation of Coviracil with Gilead's Viread into a single once-a-day pill that has the potential to become the gold standard for HIV therapy.