cow dung

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Noun1.cow dung - a piece of dried bovine dung
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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THE most outrageous play-it-as-it-lies moment I ever witnessed was my big brother chipping out of a cow pat on the magical Machair course on the Isle of Iona.
RATING: 3/5 Cowshed Anti-bacterial Cow Pat Hand Gel, PS7 for 50ml (www.
Tipped to be a surprise hit is Silly Moo where players "milk" the cow to get cartons of milk and win points, but can lose them if Daisy dumps a cow pat.
I remember once waiting for ages to go on at this arena where they were playing cow pat bingo.
There was one day when I had tonsillitis, when I had to milk a cow and be sprayed by milk, then be covered in the mud and fall in a cow pat.
Rhiannon Williams pictured sampling Cadwalader Ice Cream''s Cow pat topping
What they had not realised was that the craft was 12 inches long and had landed in a cow pat they had driven over when they left.
The newcomer's sleek cow pat easily out-distanced the reigning champion's bulky projectile.
com Metal-top jar, [euro]22, Littlewoods White ribbed vase, [euro]15, Cargo Dirty Cow Freshening Hand Wash 300ml), [euro]18, Cow Pat hand cream (300ml), [euro]20.
There was even tell-tale evidence, a cow pat being deposited at the scene of the crime.
With the front path one big cow pat and not one of them wiped their feet when they came in.