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f summer season Mowining once in two month Screening of stone &pebbles- regularly Rolling- twice in a week specially after adding good earth, cowdung & bio fertilizer Hedge cutting- once in a month Gapfilling nil Hoeing and weeding, mulching- once in a week Watering- Every working day Spraying of insecticides/pesticides Document cost : INR 1000 EMD value : INR 25303 Opening date : 28 Mar 2018
The women shared their journey from firewood and cowdung as cooking medium to a cleaner LPG and how it has helped them.
Declaring areas as forest in our country is similar to naming cowdung and human faeces littered country as 'Swatchh Bharat'.
One injured cow smuggler arrested June 10, 2016 : Two beef smugglers forced to eat cowdung, urine in Faridabad June 2, 2016: An alleged cow smuggler is shot dead by three Gau Raksha Dal members ( vigilante group) in Karnal.
Medical Most Common Unique Poison College Poisons 1 Salem OPC Cow Dung Powder, Oduvanthalai 2 Kilpauk Rodenticide >OPC 3 Chengalpattu Organo Chlorines Oduvanthalai 4 Madurai OPC > Rodenticide 5 Trichy OPC (Monocrotophos) 6 Thirunelveli OPC 7 Thanjavore OPC > Rodenticide Oduvanthalai >Oduvanthalai 8 Coimbatore Cowdung Powder> OPC Cowdung Powder 9 Kanyakumari OPC >Al.
Bioremediation of benzene, toluene and o-xylene by cowdung microbial consortium.
Effect of different application rates of cowdung and poultry excreta on water quality and growth of Ornamental Carp,Cyprinus carpio vr.
She had to do all the masonry work herself-- digging for clay, fetching heaps of the material to the place of work, and mixing clay, cowdung and coal-tar with her own tender hands.
People use dirty sickles to cut the cord and apply cowdung, turmeric, oil to the stump,'' said Rambha Sharma, matron of Kohalpur Teaching Hospital in midwestern Nepal, which pioneered the use of the antiseptic chlorhexidine gel on infants.
Vermitechnology an eco-biological tool for management of solid wastes, with special reference to pressmud, sludge and cowdung, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences 11(11): 864-964.
The usually applied organic manures are poultry manure and cowdung.