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More than a fashion statement, the iconic Canadian Cowichan sweater has a powerful political history that B.
Kash was responding to accusations that the RCMP were investigating a group of Cowichan sweater knitters who had planned a protest against the Vancouver Olympic Committee.
The girl is wearing a Cowichan sweater under her life jacket.
Former Cowichan sweater shop operator Sylvia Olsen presents Yetsa's Sweater, a children's picturebook tribute to the tradition of knitting sweaters on Coast Salish (on the Tsartlip Reserve near Victoria, British Columbia) and the bonds between mothers, grandmothers, and granddaughters that highlight the creation of knitted sweaters.
It is a story of the Cowichan sweater that has been produced by the Coast Salish women of British Columbia for over one hundred years.
More recently, Welsh wrote, directed and produced The Story of the Coast Salish Knitters, a one-hour television documentary on the women who knit the world-famous Cowichan sweaters.
Ordinary seamen preferred their familiar working rig of Cowichan sweaters, trousers and gumboots--hence the nickname, "the Gum Boot Navy.
Khowutzun Development Corporation also markets Cowichan sweaters over the internet, radio and in magazines and newspapers and has developed a foresty company involved in clearing and silviculture.
The Khowutzun Development Corporation markets Cowichan sweaters over the internet, radio, in magazines and newspapers.
Handknitted by Coast Salish Indian women, Cowichan sweaters are truly Northwest wearable art.