(ˈkɒk si)

Jacob Sechler, 1854–1951, U.S. political reformer: led unemployed marchers (Cox′ey's ar′my) to petition Congress 1894.
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So, on Tuesday night we drafted Coxey (Cameron Coxe) into the squad because we thought we'd need him.
The anniversary also marks a 40-year association between Richard Gale and his accountant, Michael Coxey, who is now a firm friend too.
Many of the populist reforms encouraged by Coxey were adopted in the New Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
More than 40 volunteers, including Yamaha employees, their friends and family members, contributed over 200 hours to help restore and rehabilitate misused and neglected areas of Coxey Meadow, a busy family recreation area enjoyed by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year.
Coxey began leading an ''army'' of unemployed from Massillon, Ohio, to Washington, D.
when Jacob Coxey and his 600-strong Army of the Commonwealth of Christ descended on the Capitol demanding help from the government for the jobless, only to be arrested, assaulted, dispersed; and the occupation of the Bonus Army in 1932, again in Washington, whose 20,000 men in tents, seeking a promised bonus for serving in World War I, were scattered with tear gas on orders from President Herbert Hoover.
The authors thank Shane Thomas, Robert Rapp, Stephen Coxey, Kevin Jacobs, Harold Kinzer, Gina Castle, Melissa Emmett, and Jennifer Peeples for their assistance with this project.
Michael Coxey was appointed to senior product group manager with regional responsibility for the Cognis alkyl poly glucosides product group.
Getting word that Ohio-based "General" Jacob Coxey was attempting to mobilize one hundred thousand unemployed men to take workers' demands to Washington, D.
The first march on Washington took place in the midst of an economic depression in 1894 when populist leader Joseph Coxey led an army of 500 jobless men to the Capitol steps to demand a public works program that would provide jobs for the unemployed.
Coxey, who hoped to meet with President Cleveland, was arrested for trespassing, and his proposals were ignored.
Coxey, marched to Washington demanding Federal assistance.