Crab plover

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(Zool.) an Asiatic plover (Dromas ardeola).

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The Crab-plover Dromas ardeola (Charadriiformes, Dromadidae), one of the few truly colonial shorebirds (Chiozzi et al.
The weight of this base (~140 g) was about half that of a Crab-plover, a weight sufficient to prevent the bird from dragging the trap.
A Crab-plover caught in a trap was immediately detected, because it started thrashing around at the burrow entrance in the attempt to disentangle itself.
During a multi-year study on the breeding biology of Crab-plovers, we had to choose a trapping device that allowed the capture of both members of a pair for morphometric sexing (De Marchi et al.
Birds such as Crab-plovers can be captured with mist-nets at roosts (Harebottle et al.