Cracker Jack

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Crack′er Jack`

a confection of caramel-coated popcorn.


(ˈkræk ərˌdʒæk)
1. a person or thing that shows marked ability or excellence.
2. exceptionally fine.
[1890–95, Amer.; earlier crackajack, rhyming compound based on crack (adj.)]
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Anna's independence has not come easily; she now lives marginally on a diet of Cracker Jacks and tinned kippers, pawning her former finery to get by.
They ate Cracker Jacks, ice cream, soft pretzels, apple pie and hot dogs with regional twists.
It's like the ultimate prize hidden in a box of Cracker Jacks.
His audition dish was called lobster cracker jacks, consisting of popcorn, cashews, lobster, coconut and hot caramel.
Benton uncovered a brownie, while Rachel's revealed a box of spilled Cracker Jacks and her engagement ring as her prize.
Additionally, PAWS, the Detroit Tigers' mascot, posed for photos, handed out Cracker Jacks and lent a hand building walls.
Sure, there was the occasional Cracker Jacks, and your polish dogs, but for the most part, you were fairly limited.
The reader will also recognize several products that made their debut at the World's Fair and continue to make their way to grocery store shelves throughout the country, including Juicy Fruit gum, Cracker Jacks, Shredded Wheat, and the exposition's top beer award winner Pabst Blue Ribbon.
It's kind of like the things you get in Cracker Jacks, the 3-D images,'' architect Maltzan explains.
She doesn't keep thimbles or licorice drops/Or Cracker Jacks, whistles, or peppermint pops.
We would perch on the edges of our seats chewing on a Milky Way or munching on Cracker Jacks, and we kept our eyes glued to the big screen, anxiously awaiting the next action scene.
Candy corn, wax teeth, Tootsie Roll Pops and Cracker Jacks.