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A court-ordered reduction in the periodic payments on the balance of a debt, usually in line with a lower interest rate, sometimes granted to bankrupt debtors.

[So called because it is crammed down, or imposed involuntarily, on the creditor.]
References in classic literature ?
I was almost choked with the filthy stuff the monkey had crammed down my throat: but my dear little nurse picked it out of my mouth with a small needle, and then I fell a-vomiting, which gave me great relief.
I crammed down a mouthful, and turned paler than ever.
I can't have Milton crammed down my throat in that way.
In advocating for the introduction of a cross-class cram down mechanism in Australian law it is recognized that the rights of those crammed down also need consideration and need to be treated fairly.
I remember seeing Roberta Williams' name in the King's Quest credits when Judy Blume was being crammed down my throat.
It topped off a great day perfectly, even if I couldn't see the band because of the people crammed down the front.
Imagine Lolo strapped into a massage chair, a supplement with aphrodisiac claims being crammed down his throat.
If the majority refuse to approve, the archdiocese is asking Kelley to "cram down," the bankruptcy term for forcing creditors to accept a plan they do not want The results of filing for Chapter 7, the alternative if the plan is not approved or crammed down, would be dire, the archdiocese said.
Later in the call, Abbott told supporters, "If you don't [vote], Barack Obama's liberal, pro-abortion agenda is going to be crammed down on the state of Texas.
The case of the Gosnell abortion clinic in Pennsylvania made headlines a few years ago after a woman died and his clinic was found to be an abomination - with blood-spattered walls and fetal parts stored in the refrigerator, on shelves or crammed down toilets, etc.
I for one am sick and tired of having products crammed down my throat and the hundreds of daily reminders of how I can't live my life without their product.