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 (krăn′mər), Thomas 1489-1556.
English prelate who as archbishop of Canterbury (1533-1553) was instrumental in the marital machinations of Henry VIII, revised the Book of Common Prayer (1552), and instituted other reforms. Under Mary I, a Roman Catholic, he was convicted of heresy and burned at the stake.


(Biography) Thomas. 1489–1556, the first Protestant archbishop of Canterbury (1533–56) and principal author of the Book of Common Prayer. He was burnt as a heretic by Mary I


(ˈkræn mər)

Thomas, 1489–1556, first Protestant archbishop of Canterbury.
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1539, under the direction of Archbishop Cranmer, Coverdale issued a revised edition, officially authorized for use in churches; its version of the Psalms still stands as the Psalter of the English Church.
The Book of Common Prayer, now used in the English Church coordinately with Bible and Psalter, took shape out of previous primers of private devotion, litanies, and hymns, mainly as the work of Archbishop Cranmer during the reign of Edward VI.
Muriel Cranmer, who used to work for the authority, was stunned to receive the demand through the post.
Seven decades before the King James Bible standardized the Scriptures in English, Thomas Cranmer began work on an English-language liturgy to replace Latin as the standard tongue for Christian worship in England.
Off the playing roster are skipper Michael Cranmer, who is back in Australia and not planning to return next summer, and Zafir Patel, who has gone back to India to try and get back in the IPL and, most likely, will relinquish his UK-qualified status in the process.
The project is a joint venture between the Diocese of Durham and Cranmer Hall, which is the Anglican Theological College and part of St John's College of Durham University.
I limit my discussion to the theologies of Thomas Cranmer and John Wesley, who essentially established the respective Anglican and Methodist traditions.
Cranmer said some customers could see a 30 to 50 percent increase in their bills, depending on how they heat their home.
Members of the Ebenezer Choral Society, who have close links with the college, presented the generous donation to Director of Music John Cranmer, which will go into a special endowment fund.
We basically doubled the value of our site by switching to Magento," said IMA Vice President, Alex Cranmer.
Jeanes particularly wants to contest the notion that Cranmer did not have a distinct theology, and that he and his work were hopelessly compromised by trying to please too many "publics" at once, including the crown and fellow theologians.
SYDNEY, June 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Equmen recently announced the addition of two First Class Australian Cricketers to the brand's list of ambassadors: James Smith and Michael Cranmer.