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v. t.1.To break in pieces; to crack.
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6) This problem is currently the subject of extensive debate in Australia; see Crase and O'Keefe (2009).
Although he competed in several sports, Crase was primarily known for his prowess in swimming and track and field, where he again served the United States, wearing the uniform of Team USA and earning 32 international medals, including 10 gold, and being named the "Outstanding Athlete" at the 1967 Pan-Am Games.
Michael Newman & Shane Crase, What in the Worm Is the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?
In addition to sick leave and holidays, Crase has five weeks of vacation yearly.
b) processo de comercializacao agricola, caracterizando a passagem de uma agricultura de subsistencia sem crase comercial e o surgimento do trabalho assalariado;
Survivors include two sons, William of Eugene and Lee of Lakeside; four daughters, Barbara Bates and Wanda Hafdahl, both of Springfield, Sharon Hansen of Eugene and Ada Mae Piller of Denver; two sisters, Lucille Crase of Canby and Thelma Tunstall of Harrison, Ark.
In the course of an encomium on Douglas Crase, Koethe refers to Crase's recovery of "Whitman through Ashbery," the way in which Crase "enlists the rhetorical and psychological strategies of the poet many castigate as our most private and hermetic in the service of a public, Emersonian project of reclamation of his own.
Although parent education classes are one method of getting information to parents, several studies have indicated that they use magazines to learn about parenting (Carlson & Crase, 1983).
I stand firmly, 100 percent behind breast-feeding," said Betty Crase, director of the Center for Breast-Feeding Information at La Leche League International.
Cliff Crase A member of the Athlete with Disabilities Hall of Fame, Mr.
Crase and Clarke (2010) developed a qualitative scale in order to assess vulnerability to reduced water based on the level of water dependency, substitution options and lead time to switch to a preferred substitution option.