Crater Lake National Park

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Cra′ter Lake′ Na′tional Park′

a national park in SW Oregon, in the Cascade Range: Crater Lake. 286 sq. mi. (741 sq. km).
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Noun1.Crater Lake National Park - a national park in Oregon having the deepest lake in the United States in the crater of an extinct volcanoCrater Lake National Park - a national park in Oregon having the deepest lake in the United States in the crater of an extinct volcano
Beaver State, OR, Oregon - a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
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With his signature, he created Crater Lake National Park, Wyden said.
But the impact on the Willamette and Siuslaw national forests, Crater Lake National Park and some health programs for low- income families was less clear.
Browsing through the pages of "Crater Lake & Beyond: The Land of Fire & Ice" is the next best thing to a personal visit to the breathtaking sapphire blue water, primeval moss-covered forests, awesome lava formations, and waterfalls of Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon.
For me, one place in the West has always ranked high in terms of destinations to dream about, and that is Crater Lake National Park.
Though the music is celebratory, Johnson's diverse group of composers created a range of work: One wrote about Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park.
We quantified TTX levels in this population as well as 3 populations in Crater Lake National Park using a Competitive Inhibition Enzymatic Immunoassay.
When filmmakers shot Fox Searchlight's upcoming "Wild" at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, officials could not have been more helpful, says the movie's location manager, Nancy Haecker.
At Crater Lake National Park an off-duty volunteer naturalist held forth to me and two colleagues about the reality of Sasquatch.
Horizon Air and Alaska Airlines, subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group (NYSE:ALK), announced today that they are offering discounted fares for travel to Kalispell, Montana, for Glacier National Park, and Medford, Oregon, for Crater Lake National Park.
Mushroom picking is prohibited at Oregon's Crater Lake National Park, yet fungi files seem undaunted there and at Olympic Park.
The deepest lake in America - Oregon's Crater Lake National Park (1,932 feet).