Crawl stroke

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1.(Swimming) A racing stroke, in which the swimmer, lying flat on the water with face submerged, takes alternate overhand arm strokes while moving his legs up and down alternately from the knee.
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0 METs, the ACSM Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide places it on a caloric expenditure par with swimming the crawl stroke at a fast speed, approximately 75 yards per minute.
Her dive morphed into a belly flop, but she gracefully surfaced and swam a strong crawl stroke down the length of the pool.
1988) Propulsive techniques: front crawl stroke, butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke.
Deborah, 40, of Saltersgill Avenue, Middlesbrough, will use the gruelling front crawl stroke to complete her marathon in the first week of May.
Meanwhile, Sims found a gym with a rooftop swimming pool and began brushing up on his almost-forgotten crawl stroke.
Many well-coordinated adults can swim the crawl stroke faultlessly, holding his breath, but stop swimming the moment they have to take a breath.
Jane Katz, World Masters Swimming Champion, has some great tips to help you improve your crawl stroke and glide through the water faster
Practice these crawl stroke tips with your lifeguard (Mom or Dad) and Humpty Dumpty.
The platypus swims with one forearm at a time, as in the crawl stroke.
To go forward, a cell's leading edge pushes backward on the surface like a swimmer at the start of a crawl stroke.
Individuals who cannot use their legs can learn to do a very credible front crawl stroke, since that stroke gets little propulsion from the kick.