Cream laid

Cream´ laid`

1.See under Laid.
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Tenders are invited for Paper Cream Laid Size 43Cms X 69Cms X 90 Gsm 13.
The kind that puts everything on hold and turns each match into an extended staff break with strawberries and cream laid on, in the hope of generating longlasting goodwill?
Not one to be trampled out, the world of ice- cream laid out a new red carpet with choco- chip, Belgian chocolate, coffee, caramel, berry blast, mint chocolate, and what not.
And Hendre Hall in Bangor is hosting a charity fundraiser at the Vibrations' night's 10th Birthday Party - with three rooms of live bands and DJ''s, and jelly & ice cream laid on.
It tastes at first both sweet and smoky, with a soothing vanilla cream laid on top of the smoked meat and spice opening.
9 -- 10 -- color) Hans von Kulmbach's outline of a quatrefoil in pen on cream laid paper (1518), left, was stained with warm tones to highlight the hunting scenes in the completed work, right.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Paper White Cream Laid Broad Ruled 43Cms 34.
HE HAD the voice of double-whipped cream laid on rich trifle, and it was with these tones that he advised his parishioners in the fictitious Yorkshire village of Beckindale.