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n.1.(Physiol. Chem.) A white, crystalline, nitrogenous body closely related to creatin but more basic in its properties, formed from the latter by the action of acids, and occurring naturally in muscle tissue and in urine.
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No significant differences were observed among the different groups in cholesterol, triglycerides, urea, creatinin, ALT and AST.
Contrast induced nephropathy was defined as either increase of serum creatinin 0.
In groups with hypertension with MS and without obesity, the level of creatinin was connected with total cholesterol (r = 0.
Serum concentration of creatinin, urea and uric acid were determined by standard biochemical methods on the biochemical analyzer Olympus AU400.
Since the rivers were inundated, people found it hard to cross them to go to safer lands," said Yash Dhandyal, one of the inventors in Team Creatinin.
Also, means of serum creatinin increased significantly (P [less than or equal to] 0.
Hematuria, proteinuria and increase in serum creatinin are the most important indicators of renal damage.
Table 1: nine cases with age in months, stone size, pre-op post-op serum creatinine, operative time Stone size Serum Operative in cm Creatinin time SI.
Serum creatinin, erythropoietin and renin levels, as well as the rest of the laboratory tests, were within normal limits.
109 Date are presented as the r and p value in pearsona and spearmanb correlation test Y1: lpsilateral/to AVF hand BMD, Y2: Contralateral/to AVF hand BMD, X1: Age, X2: Duration of dialysis, X3: Hemoglobin, X4: Calcium, X5: Phosphorus X6: Alkaline phosphatase, X7: Parathyroid hormone X8: Urea, X9: Creatinin, XI0: Potassium, X11: Albumin, XI2: Total cholesterol, X13:HDL, X14:LDL, X15:Kt/V, * p<0.

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