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n.1.A creatress.
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Or Adrienne Rich (1979), when she said: "The void is the creatrix, the matrix.
Writer John Mc's "slightly irreverent look at Creation" In The Beginning re-imagines the birth of man (and woman) as a haphazard experiment by a gentleman inventor God, or Grand Architect (played with a hint of Adrian Henri by John Moores student Sean Hutchings) and his 'her indoors', Abigail Law-Briggs' The Divine Creatrix who takes his designs and breathes life into them.
In this rather curious case of dramatic irony, the reader knows very well the name and middle initial of Lavinia's inscrutable creatrix, while she can only dimly imagine her voice as originating with one of Vergil's future readers.
Man regarding Woman as the creatrix of the Race, Woman regarding Man as the appointed coadjutor in the supreme task of racebuilding, both labouring in love to produce a perfect work" ("The League of Isis" leaflet).
Isis represents the female scientist, the creatrix of the human DNA who has been known throughout history as Divine Wisdom (The Woman of the Tree) and consort to YHWH.
Within sections on state and society, war and revolution, and creativity, they discuss such aspects as Dostoevsky's The Double, early Soviet forensic psychiatric approaches to sex crime, and the crazy creatrix and the procreative Iurodivaia.
56) Both interpretations are far from incompatible; in fact, while they are argued on the basis of contemporaneous texts -- Sannazaro's Arcadia as well as the Hypnerotomachia -- an association of Venus with Tellus mater and primum natura creatrix can be found in the common intertext for both Renaissance compositions, which is the De rerum natura.
Charicleia exactly resembles Andromeda, the first creatrix of Ethiopia, who was also offered as a human sacrifice by her parents, and would have been killed but for Perseus' arrival; but now, instead of the primal (63) crime repeating itself, Charicleia's father rejects the custom of human sacrifice.
It was a native Gaulish tomb that was at the same time a funeral grotto representing an Entrance to the Underworld which symbolised Return to the Womb of the Creatrix.
49: "Ad secundum dicendum, quod ex hoc ipso quod quidditati esse attribuitur, non solum esse, sed ipsa quidditas creari dicitur: quia antequam esse habeat, nihil est, nisi forte in intellectu creantis, ubi non est creatura, sed creatrix essentia.
Huge Lips Skinny Hips is all about being who you are and having a fun, sexy, glamorous lip gloss that makes you feel good and aware," said Karen Robinovitz, Founder and Creatrix of Purple Lab.
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