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 (krĕs′ē, krā-sē′)
A village of northern France northwest of Amiens. It was the site of the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War (August 26, 1346), in which Edward III of England defeated Philip VI of France.


(ˈkrɛsɪ; French kresi)
(Placename) a village in N France: scene of the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War when the English defeated the French (1346). Official name: Crécy-en-Ponthieu Former English name: Cressy


or Cres•sy

(ˈkrɛs i)

a village in N France, NNW of Reims: English victory over the French 1346.
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Noun1.Crecy - the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years' WarCrecy - the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War; in 1346 the English under Edward III defeated the French under Philip of Valois
Hundred Years' War - the series of wars fought intermittently between France and England; 1337-1453
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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Men made songs and sang of his victories, of Crecy and of Calais, and France bowed the knee to England.
In 1337 Edward had begun the terrible though often-interrupted series of campaigns in France which historians group together as the Hundred Tears' War, and having won the battle of Crecy against amazing odds, he had inaugurated at his court a period of splendor and luxury.
The sports of the lists had done much in days gone by to impress the minds of the people, but the plumed and unwieldy champion was no longer an object either of fear or of reverence to men whose fathers and brothers had shot into the press at Crecy or Poitiers, and seen the proudest chivalry in the world unable to make head against the weapons of disciplined peasants.
Bldg 129 Ms 7 308 Crecy Stcorpus Christi , Texas 78419-5260 United States
He was regarded as brilliant militarily, scoring important victories over the French army throughout his life - most famously aged just 16 at the Battle of Crecy.
ON THIS DAY 1346: Edward III of England, aided by his son Edward the Black Prince, defeated the French at The Battle of Crecy.
Yefim Gordon and Dmitriy Komissarov, Crecy Publications, UK, and Specialty Press.
A Scottish army of between 10,000 to 15,000 had invaded while King Edward III of England was fighting in France and had defeated the French at the Battle of Crecy, The Scots under King David attacked Hexham before pressing on towards Durham.
Eudes de Crecy, CEO of BioTork, about the company's future involvement in the omega-3 industry: "We will have the means to seriously move the lines in this global challenge of delivering alternative omega-3 sources.
Merry, the heroine of Longbow Girl, is a supreme archer, the first longbow girl in a tradition of longbowmen that stretches back 700 years to the Battle of Crecy.
In 1346, the famous longbowmen of Llantrisant fought for the "Black Prince" of Wales at Crecy, defeating the King of Bohemia and claiming his emblem of three ostrich feathers which has been adopted by every prince since.
She reminds me a bit of Belle De Crecy last year and let's hope she continues that way.