credit-default swap

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cred·it-de·fault swap

n. Abbr. CDS
A financial instrument used as insurance against a default on a bond, loan, or other debt.
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In fact, the credit-default swap market is now too small to reach that threshold.
What's more, despite a mistaken belief by some commentators, the clearing houses are unlikely to bring much needed transparency to trades of credit-default swaps, or CDS, says Duffie.
Ryan noted, "the first half of 2002 has already equaled all of last year in terms of the number of credit-default swap transactions we have reviewed.
During the first half of 2001 Standard & Poor's reviewed approximately 90 credit-default swap transactions compared with 135 that have been reviewed during the first half of 2002.
Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox said Congress should 'immediately' grant authority to regulate credit-default swaps amid concern the bets are fueling the global financial crisis.
Floyd Norris, The Naked Truth on Credit-Default Swaps, N.
The underlying reference portfolio of the Merlion transaction is a diverse, investment-grade portfolio of credit-default swaps with an aggregate notional amount of US$1 billion.