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a.1.Without a creed.
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The religious nationalism of the Battle Hymn of the Republic came from a close observer and passionate advocate of the European wars of liberation who also promoted a radically reformed, creedless, activist Christianity dedicated to ending oppression at home and abroad.
At an invited lecture to discuss his creedless ethical movement, Adler said it proposed "entirely to exclude prayer and every form of ritual .
Certainty breeds violence, Herbert believes, and he directs his creedless, borderless, ecumenical religion toward "shared action for the sake of social justice.
Also in the sixties, Religious Education--still in the hands of the clergy, but now a post-Vatican II clergy--abandoned the old Catechism and memorization, replacing it with the new catechetics dubbed by some as "The Creedless Catechetics," called the Canadian Catechism (See Lorene Collins, Salvation Redefined: Catholic Parents and Religious Education in Post-Vatican II Canada, Toronto, Catholic Insight, 2003, p.
Wanted a tutor to the rising age; he must be a creedless Christian
As the novel progresses, Frederic will link this surface-oriented, creedless, market-driven religion with the modern manhood that dominates the novel, contrasting it with spiritual manhood predicated on a simple, pious religion.
Sinkford, in a series of sermons and articles in the past five months, said the creedless denomination needs to reexamine its beliefs because its principles "contain no hint of the holy.
The liberal, creedless religion has more than 1,000 churches including the one on Haskell Avenue.
A believer in the Social Gospel, which sought to make the churches more active agents of social change and betterment, she transformed this Unitarian organization into a creedless "People's Church" that fulfilled her goal of a church that operated seven days a week to meet the needs of the community.
While some of his fellow travelers are finally content to remain on the island of Serenia (symbolizing creedless Christianity), Taji continues his relentless pursuit, at last heading chartless toward the open ocean.