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n.1.One who advocates the practice of cremation.
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Fl-Flavored Words (words beginning fl-having the meaning of "light" or "downy") Transdeletion (anticeremonialist, nonmaterialistic, recitationalism, reclamationist, remastication, cremationist, creationism, remication, manticore, reaction, certain, retain, train, rant, tan, at, a)
On the contrary, the Romanian cremationist movement emerged, in the late 19th, as an autonomous movement aiming at implementing the idea of a hygienic way of bodily disposal.
For a view on current events regarding the crematorium in Cluj-Napoca and the main reactions in the press, consult the blog of the Romanian Cremationist Society Amurg http://www.
Colorado is the only state in the nation that doesn't require a license to run a funeral service company or become a funeral director, embalmer or cremationist, Horan says.
The most famous, of course, was Dr William Price, the pioneer cremationist and Chartist rebel, of whom there is a less than satisfactory statue on the square.
Founded in 1913, CANA is an international organization of more than 1,500 members, composed of cremationists, funeral directors, funeral home operators and owners, cemeterians, industry suppliers and consultants.
President and CEO Christine Hunsaker is one of the nation's leading cremationists and a well respected figure in the funeral and cremation industry.
Hunsaker Partners President and CEO, Christine Hunsaker is an Atlanta resident and well respected figure in the funeral and cremation industry and one of the nation's leading cremationists.
He is a founding member and currently the Executive Director of the Association of California Cremationists.
Around 1940, Italian and especially German cremationists could have made the case that they led Europe's cremation movement and the ICF.
There was no legal constraint on establishing a crematorium, but cremationists in all states sought a regulatory Act of Parliament: a Bill was introduced unsuccessfully into the New South Wales Parliament in 1886 and 1887 and the first fully enacted legislation came in South Australia in 1891.
If the cremationists have the nerve to mount a nationwide advertising offensive on behalf of their stigmatized profession, why shouldn't we?