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(krɛm; kriːm; kreɪm)
1. (Cookery) cream
2. (Brewing) any of various sweet liqueurs: crème de moka.
(Brewing) (of a liqueur) rich and sweet


or creme

(krɛm, krim)

n., pl. crèmes (kremz, krēmz, krem).
1. cream.
2. a usu. thick, sweet liqueur.
[1815–25; < French; see cream]


, creme
n. crema, nata; [pharmacy] ungüento, pomada.
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Fans and consumers can sign up to walk with the Creme of Nature team in their city at www.
Toast With oat BramBleS FRAICHE, Warm Creme CRUMBLE Vanilla 1tb Serves 4 The crumble 100g rolled oats 100g coarse brown bs breadcrum brown sugar 2tbsp 1tbsp cinnamon 1 egg white, whisked The brambles 400g brambles, fresh or frozen sp heather honey Knob of butter Squeeze of lemon juice 1tsp sugar Vanilla creme good qu a lit fraiche 5tbsp creme fraiche pod, 1/2 vanilla seeds scraped out in oven for 15 mins at 200C.
Meanwhile, hand the responsibility for the mango creme fraiche to the kids.
And who could forget the Cadbury's Creme Egg chicken, aka Norman Moon, as he prepared to fly the new-look Creme Eggs to London by balloon from the Cadbury's sports field in Bournville, in 1990?
He said: "My wife said for a laugh, 'why don't you deep-fry Creme Eggs in batter as it is coming up to Easter?
Like greek yogurt, Petite Creme is high in protein.
A Cadbury spokesman said the new chocolate had been tested on "consumers and been found to be the best one for Creme Eggs".
My stance on Creme Eggs is the same as my stance on the NHS (which I hope will save me when I've scoffed too many eggs).
In the build-up to Easter, Mondelez has got rid of three and six-packs of Creme Eggs and replaced them with a five-pack to sell alongside singles and 12-packs.
In 2013 we sold almost 10,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter, and are well on our way to beating this figure this year.