n.1.See Cringle.
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In a study of New Zealand women Fanslow, Robinson, Crengle, and Perese (2007) found that 24% to 28% reported being sexually touched or made to do something sexual against their will before they were 15.
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There is critique of the uneven progression of the National Cervical Screening Programme, established as one of Cartwright's recommendations (Bethune & Lewis, 2009; Gao, De Souza, Paterson & Lu, 2008; Jameson, Sligo & Comrie, 1999; Lovell, Kearns & Friesen, 2007; Paterson, 2012; Priest, Sadler, Sykes, Marshall, Peters & Crengle, 2010).
The Cervical Cancer Audit (Sadler, Priest, Peters, Crengle, & Jackson, 2004) identified that Maori women with a high-grade smear were more likely to experience delays in obtaining timely investigation and diagnosis.
As are other indigenous peoples, Maori are over-represented in the overall family violence statistics (Dannette, Fergusson, & Boden, 2008; Fanslow, Robinson, Crengle, & Peresea, 2007; Hook, 2009; Kotch, 1993).
The paper by Rhys Jones, Sue Crengle and Tim McCreanor provides a case study of kaupapa Maori research on men's health, and demonstrates the way in which traditional Maori values and concepts shaped the research.
Continued disparities in Maori health are partially due to the behaviours of health care providers (Baxter, 2002; Crengle, 2000).