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n. Greek Mythology
The brother of Jocasta and uncle of Antigone who became the king of Thebes after the fall of Oedipus.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the successor to Oedipus as king of Thebes; the brother of Jocasta. See also Antigone


(ˈkri ɒn)

a legendary king of Thebes, the brother of Jocasta and successor to Oedipus.
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Noun1.Creon - (Greek mythology) the brother of Jocasta and uncle of Antigone who became king of Thebes after the fall of Oedipus
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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One instance, however, is in the Antigone, where Haemon threatens to kill Creon.
Then I saw Alcmena, the wife of Amphitryon, who also bore to Jove indomitable Hercules; and Megara who was daughter to great King Creon, and married the redoubtable son of Amphitryon.
Then he came to Creon and long-robed Eniocha, who received him kindly and gave him all fitting things, as is due to suppliants, and honoured him in their hearts even more.
Antigone becomes Tig, a headstrong young woman determined to stand up against authority for what she believes is right; her uncle Creon becomes Creo, who owns a club and runs a criminal enterprise; and Antigone's sister Ismene becomes Esme, who works in Creo's club.
The storyline of the play focuses on the social, legal and spiritual dynamics of a war-torn dynasty in Thebes, with the daughter of Oedipus, Antigone, clashing with her uncle, King Creon, who punishes her actions before ultimately forgiving her.
The untenable contradiction between higher ideals and a world governed by Creon finds lyrical expression when Nizam plays a stringed instrument called a rebaab in the forlorn night.
In the aftermath of a civil war between a--supposedly loyal--brother Eteocles, and a--supposedly traitorous--brother Polynices, Creon stands for the manmade laws of the state (albeit sanctioned by the gods) in opposition to Antigone's claim to stand for the laws governing family and private life, which she claims are directly ordained by the gods and therefore self-evidently higher than any state law.
It's the director Barrie Rutter, doubling the roles of King Creon and a messenger, who has the most compelling moments in a graphic account of the deaths of Jason's prospective intended bride and father-in-law, poisoned by Medea.
Present on the occasion were, Creon Butler, Minister and Deputy High Commissioner, British High Commission, New Delhi, Gauri Singh, Joint Secretary, MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), Govt.
Solvay Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Brussels-based Solvay SA, is seeking FDA approval to continue to sell its Creon capsules in the U.
With subtle reworking, the company comprised of two theater actors playing Antigone and Creon, and a flock of eight or so dancers.
Nick Creon, chairman and product developer of Prestut chocolate, agrees.