Cretaceous formation

(Geol.) the series of strata of various kinds, including beds of chalk, green sand, etc., formed in the Cretaceous period; - called also the chalk formation. See the Diagram under Geology.

See also: Cretacic

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The Company also drilled an exploratory well called Socuavo and is testing oil at various rates from the Cretaceous formation.
API oil from a Middle Cretaceous formation at a depth of 4,400 feet.
In 1984, KOC found South Magwa, another part of Greater Burgan, in a Middle Cretaceous formation producing 36-40 deg.
2[degree sign] API oil from a Middle Cretaceous formation at a depth of 4,400 feet.
The Russian rig at pad 19 has drilled well 1822, the first planned well, to the objective depth above the Cretaceous formation.
Zuluf: Another offshore giant discovered by Texaco in 1968, Zuluf has 8 bn barrels of proven oil reserves in a Lower Cretaceous formation at a depth of 5,800 feet.
Below the Ghar at Ratqa is an Early Cretaceous formation, explored on the Iraqi side and known as Yamamah.
AOC) of Japan, is a 10x7 km field containing sour oil and over 35 TCF of non-associated gas from a Middle Cretaceous formation.
Sarir field was found in 1961 by BP at a depth of 9,000 feet in an Upper Cretaceous formation (Fm).
4 metres of net pay and produced 250 bopd and 700 bopd respectively in the Cretaceous formation, a well-established oil bearing horizon in the South Turgai basin.
Testing in the Lower Cretaceous formation resulted in no measurable flow of hydrocarbons to surface due to the lack of an extensive connected fracture network at this location.