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a. & n.1.See Cretan.
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On Sunday, celebrations also get underway at the harbour at 8pm and will include traditional Cypriot and Cretian dances.
Having her washed into a Cretian harbour was unlikely to endear me to them.
First Institute Of Holistic Skin Health, Cassaundra Cretian, 3003 W 11 Th # 234 Send Mail Here.
will sustain up to 500 'on site' jobs in Chania, in a welcome boost to the Cretian economy, as we grow our passenger traffic by 100 percent at Chania.
I can't wait to renew our vows next year in a Cretian cave
Life-loving Liam was killed when he fell from a fourth-floor balcony during a family holiday at the four-star Petra Mare Hotel in the southern Cretian town of Ierapetra.
Mediterranean foods importer Bevelynn has experimented with various oil packs and currently offers a flagon bottle from Andalucia and a corked Cretian 500ml bottle.
PHOTO : The Cretian blend vegetable pack (450g) is among Picard's regional offerings.
Rethymnis) in collaboration with Arabic food companies, would begin to promote Cretian cheese and white cheese in brine throughout Saudi Arabia.
The drenching brought Cretian memories flooding back.
First estimates of raw material for canning next season suggest 46,000 tonnes of apricots, 115,000 to 120,000 of peaches and 55,000 tonnes of Bon Cretian pears.
The island was named after a grandson of Apollo's and, in turn, has been occupied by Carians from Asia Minor, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Cretians, Carians again, then Ionians, Persians and Romans.