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1. An amount paid or required in payment for a purchase; a price.
2. The expenditure of something, such as time or labor, necessary for the attainment of a goal: "Freedom to advocate unpopular causes does not require that such advocacy be without cost" (Milton Friedman).
3. costs Law Charges incurred in bringing litigation, including court fees and charges that may be payable by the losing party, but usually not including attorneys' fees.
v. cost, cost·ing, costs
To require a specified payment, expenditure, effort, or loss: It costs more to live in the city.
1. To have as a price.
2. To cause to lose, suffer, or sacrifice: Participating in the strike cost me my job.
3. past tense and past participle costed To estimate or determine the cost of: The accountants costed out our expenses.
at all costs
Regardless of the expense or effort involved; by any means.

[Middle English, from Old French, from coster, to cost, from Latin cōnstāre, to be fixed, cost; see constant.]

cost′less adj.
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Noun1.costs - pecuniary reimbursement to the winning party for the expenses of litigation
reimbursement - compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.; "he received reimbursement for his travel expenses"
مَصاريف الدَّعوى
soudní náklady
súdne výdavky
dava/yargılama masraflarımahkeme harcı


(kost) past tense past participle cost verb
1. to be obtainable at a certain price. This jacket costs 75 dollars; The victory cost two thousand lives.
2. (past tense, past participle ˈcosted) to estimate the cost of (a future project). The caterer costed the reception at three hundred dollars.
the price to be paid (for something). What is the cost of this coat?
ˈcostly adjective
costing much. a costly wedding-dress.
ˈcostliness noun
costs noun plural
the expenses of a legal case. He won his case and was awarded costs of $500.
at all costs
no matter what the cost or outcome may be. We must prevent disaster at all costs.
References in classic literature ?
His own character being light, profligate, and perfidious, John easily attached to his person and faction, not only all who had reason to dread the resentment of Richard for criminal proceedings during his absence, but also the numerous class of ``lawless resolutes,'' whom the crusades had turned back on their country, accomplished in the vices of the East, impoverished in substance, and hardened in character, and who placed their hopes of harvest in civil commotion.
After telling the tale of the beatings, it recommended all the beaten to institute criminal proceedings against their Governor, and, as soon as might be, to rise against English oppression and tyranny.
Ultimately, we should bear in mind that the judges, in accordance with royal legislation, often waived the payment of scribe fees for indigents, a decision that not only lessened the financial burdens of criminal justice on the poor, but also provided an incentive to expedite the criminal proceedings.
With these additional crimes on the books and an increased emphasis on criminal prosecutions of executives, you absolutely need to ensure that your D&O policy covers criminal proceedings so there will be money available to retain defense counsel.
The officers were told that they did not have to answer any questions, but, if they did, their answers could be used against them in criminal proceedings.
Education Secretary Estelle Morris will say that LEAs should work with schools to bring criminal proceedings after teachers complained of a rising tide of attacks by both parents and children.
New figures show the number of complaints investigated rose to 1255 from 1101 the previous year, and criminal proceedings have been taken against 51 officers in two years.
Boyle asked for an urgent review of this Petition and that the appropriate organs of the United Nations, as well its member states, institute criminal proceedings against President Bush for committing the international crime of genocide against the children of Iraq.
He was formally arrested on suspicion of indecent assault but no criminal proceedings will now ensue.
But there is no question that, once the criminal investigation begins, there is a clear distinction between ultimate procedural avenues that each takes, and it has long been IRS policy to defer civil assessment and collection until the completion of criminal proceedings.
Further, acting on behalf of all participants, the American People shall receive, in perpetuity, 10 percent of all royalties derived from any subsequent movies, books, and paid interviews referring to the criminal proceedings in any way.
These can provide evidence for police investigators and are admissible for criminal proceedings, if necessary.