Black hat

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black hat

(Computer Science) informal
a. a computer hacker who carries out illegal malicious hacking work
b. (as modifier): black-hat hackers. Compare white hat

Black hat

A general term for hackers or online users who have malicious or illegal intentions.
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Criminal hackers love to hijack porous and vulnerable corporate computer networks to build a silicon army of malicious "Bots," sometimes known as "slave" or "zombie" computers, linked to form a remotely controlled network that can ruin a corporate computer system targeted for attack by the bad guy, the Bot owner or manager.
A]ny agreement that Uber reached with the criminal hackers couldnt possibly be trusted to protect user data.
This sensitive consumer information is increasingly targeted by both criminal hackers and hostile foreign powers.
Wagner, a member of the House Financial Services Committee, noted that the IRS estimated recently that more than 100 million Americans have had their personal identification stolen by criminal hackers.
Welsh NHS computer system bosses insisted they have measures in place to guard against criminal hackers.
Whether you blame her husband for that or criminal hackers depends where your own sympathies lie, and who you believe.
The findings echo Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's "rigged election" theme and rising apprehension over foreign or criminal hackers.
As ICT systems are extended and merged, there is growing fear that sensitive data that is collected and held by public entities will be vulnerable to criminal hackers or other types of unauthorised disclosure.
GENEVA, Dhu-AlHijjah 24, 1437, Sep 25, 2016, SPA -- Swiss voters are casting ballots to decide whether to grant new powers to Switzerland's intelligence services, such as tracking internet activity, snooping on email boxes and tapping phones to better fight spies, criminal hackers and violent extremists, AP reported.
Summary: With criminal hackers becoming more effective at breaking into computer systems, cybersecurity researchers, government agencies, and academics are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to detect .
The DNC said no financial, donor or personal information appears to have been accessed or taken, suggesting the hack was traditional espionage and not done by criminal hackers, the Post reported.

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