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Michael obeyed--not crouching cringingly, but trotting eagerly, gladly, to Steward's feet.
The disconcerted young man bows, as he goes out, and cringingly hopes that Mr.
The whole thing was cringingly amdram in execution and certainly put the ham into Hammond.
Adam Price was cringingly embarrassing when interviewed on TV.
VALLEY Cops on BBC Three was a cringingly watchable look at the daily lives of officers on the crime-ravaged beat in South Wales.
Accompanying the cringingly slo-mo documentation of the procedure, a multipart sound track whose various roles are voiced by Simnett recounts the story of a girl who wants her voice lowered "so that it .
British funnyman Gervais is milking his cringingly awkward David Brent character for all he's got.
Both the joke and the honorific designation are, indeed, cringingly outdated.
Boris Johnson managed to show even more confusion with his cringingly embarrassing interview.
The show contains no serious journalism and is just plain cringingly bad.
The purpose of showcasing the Zero 1 concept vehicle, which was cringingly described as "an extreme tablet on wheels", was to show the "core design DNA" which Faraday Future production models will share when they eventually roll off the production line at some vague point in the future.
WBack in Dr Timoney's office for another cringingly awkward session, the Doc (Martin Clunes) and Louisa reflect on their failed date night, with Louisa asking: "Is all this struggling normal?