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(krɪˈstoʊ bəl)

a seaport in Panama at the Atlantic end of the Panama Canal, adjacent to Colón. 11,600. Spanish, Cris•tó•bal (krisˈtɔ bɑl)
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It was in the myth that they circumnavigated Malaita twice, and forayed as far as Ugi and San Cristobal across the wide seas.
This estimate does not include two famous translators, Doctor Cristobal de Figueroa, in his Pastor Fido, and Don Juan de Jauregui, in his Aminta, wherein by their felicity they leave it in doubt which is the translation and which the original.
Famed fashion designer Don Cristobal started the Year of the Dog with his annual "Signs" open shoot for photographers at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last January.
Kenneth Cristobal was arrested in a house at Basa Compound in Barangay Zapote on another charge of robbery.
Oregon football coach Mario Cristobal noted last week that Alabama and Georgia didn't get to the national championship game by accident.
The Leon Cristobal is named after St Christopher - San Cristobal in Spanish - the patron saint of travellers.
PEPE MEL'S Deportivo La Coruna hell is over after he was sacked but new boss Cristobal Parralo made a shocking start in the Copa del Rey against Las Palmas and the same opponents could make it a miserale first La Liga match in charge, writes Mark Langdon.
Con patrocinios gubernamentales y privados, el complejo "San Cristobal Center" albergara a principios de octubre uno de los acontecimientos del mayor interes para el expresidente Vicente Fox Quesada: el Cuarto Foro de Negocios Citek, "En la era de la incertidumbre el reto es la reinvencion".
In his email Cristobal offered to meet her at la Puerta del Angel Caido, Wednesday at four in the afternoon.
com described how the engineers at the San Cristobal mill used a DataHub to connect their DeltaV Professional Plus SCADA system to an SQL Server database in the corporate offices.