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a.1.Capable of being criticised.
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The truth is that any future review of local finance would be more criticisable for omitting LVT than for including it.
13) It is noteworthy that on a critical hermeneutic analysis, far from being regarded as self-validating, cultural beliefs and practices are construed as criticisable validity claims, which are inherently open to critical scrutiny from other perspectives.
When, through an assertion, a speaker raises a criticisable claim to the validity of the asserted sentence, because no-one has direct access to uninterrupted conditions of validity, "'validity' must be understood epistemically as 'validity proven for us'.
To present a criticisable validity claim means to present a claim which can, if need be, be defended with arguments which might lead to an agreement based on reason.
On the one hand, ETA is criticisable because it broke the truce.