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Noun1.Crixivan - a protease inhibitor (trade name Crixivan) used for treating HIV
protease inhibitor, PI - an antiviral drug used against HIV; interrupts HIV replication by binding and blocking HIV protease; often used in combination with other drugs
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Carbamazepine * Tegretol Clarithromycin * Biaxin Clozapine * Clozaril Doxepin * Silenor Indinavir * Crixivan Itraconazole * Sporanox Ketoconazole * Nizoral Mirtazapine * Remeron Phenytoin * Dilantin Pimavanserin * Nuplazid Quetiapine * Seroquel Rifampin * Rifadin Trazodone * Desyrel, Oleptro
Drugs affected by the revisions include: Cozaar, Crixivan, Hyzaar, Isentress, Janumet, Januvia, Mevacor, Noroxin, Prinivil, Prinizide, Propecia, Proscar, Singulair, Zocor, and Zolinza.
Merck is extending the price freeze of Isentress (first established with the ACTF in 2008) to eligible ADAPs through December 31, 2013, and extending the price freeze on Crixivan capsules (first established with the ACTF in 2003) to eligible ADAPs, also through 2013.
Crixivan (indinavir), Invirase (saquinavir), Kaletra (lopinavir/ritonavir), and Viracept (nelfinavir).
The National AIDS Prevention Center provides free healthcare with antiretroviral therapy, which consists of five generic pharmaceuticals made in Cuba: AZT (zidovudine); D4T (stavudine); 3TC (lamivudine) DDI (didanoside) and crixivan (indinavir).
If a trial had been launched in '97, he notes, "we would just be getting final results, and we would have a lot of information on d4T, Crixivan and Viracept regimens [stavudine (Zerit), indinavir, and nelfinavir].
American scientist Joseph Vacca and his team developed Crixivan, a drug which inhibits the activity of protease, an enzyme in the body used by the HIV virus to reproduce.
Vacca and his team at Merck Research Laboratories, West Point, Pennsylvania, USA, won a non-European countries award for inventing Crixivan, the protease inhibitor which has "revolutionised HIV treatment worldwide", said the Commission.
Crixivan, a protease inhibitor, bloated his rib cage.
Alka-Seltzer, Maalox, Tums, and Rolaids can interfere with the stomach's absorption of Agenerase, Crixivan, Rescriptor, and Reyataz, while Axid, Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac should be entirely avoided by those taking Crixivan, Rescriptor, and Reyataz.
Merck: The maker of CRIXIVAN (the HIV protease inhibitor) and ZOCOR (for cholesterol) recently made a 10-year, $20-million grant to the United Negro College Fund and has just entered into a partnership with the People's Republic of China to fight HIV/AIDS.
In response, Merck, which also manufactures Zocor, Propecia and Crixivan, has claimed that these news reports have taken documents out of context.