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 (krō-măg′nən, -măn′yən)
A form of modern Homo sapiens inhabiting Europe in the late Pleistocene around 30,000 years ago and characterized by a broad face and tall stature. It is known from skeletal remains first found in the Cro-Magnon cave in southern France.

Cro-Mag′non adj.


(kroʊˈmæg nən, -nɒn, -ˈmæn yən)

1. an Upper Paleolithic population of humans regarded as the prototype of modern Homo sapiens in Europe, characteristically having long heads, broad faces, and sunken eyes and reaching a height of about 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm). See illus. at hominid.
2. a member of this population.
[1865–70; after the cave (near Périgueux, France) where remains were found]
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Noun1.Cro-Magnon - extinct human of Upper Paleolithic in EuropeCro-magnon - extinct human of Upper Paleolithic in Europe
genus Homo - type genus of the family Hominidae
Homo sapiens - the only surviving hominid; species to which modern man belongs; bipedal primate having language and ability to make and use complex tools; brain volume at least 1400 cc
References in classic literature ?
Bowen had remarked in his narrative that these people were analogous to the so-called Cro-Magnon race of the Upper Paleolithic, and I was therefore very anxious to see them.
But they all showed a rather remarkable aptitude for delineation which further fortified Bowen's comparisons between these people and the extinct Cro-Magnons whose ancient art is still preserved in the caverns of Niaux and Le Portel.
Set in prehistoric Europe and centered on an outsider Cro-Magnon woman who joins a tribe of Neanderthals, this epic historical tale creates a stunning, well-researched portrait of an Ice Age world that's both brutal and beautiful.
I still pray for him sometimes, and I feel sorry that he has to be lumped with his Cro-Magnon colleagues.
Cro-Magnon Supernova "About 35,000 years ago a star exploded in the solar system's backyard, briefly shining as brightly as a quarter Moon.
Now, as we all know, one of the biggest risks in procreation is associated with inbreeding, a process which, at best, produces Cro-Magnon looks and, at worst, genetic disease.
SHAKEN, stirred and vomiting with fear - there's a new James Bond in town, and he makes Daniel Craig look like Cro-Magnon man.
Low Habberley is less than 30 miles from Birmingham and the trip would be worth it for anyone wanting to get in touch with their inner Cro-Magnon.
In this comedy, one Eve Tonsil, an employee of the nonprofit company Relationships for a Better Tomorrow, leads the audience on a tour of the worst breakups of all time, from the Cro-Magnon era to the Civil War, with a smattering of modern doomed relationships topping things out.
Summary: For those of us who bang on our computer keyboards like a Cro-Magnon with an abacus, we may not realize how important application programming interfaces .
There's an understanding that's reached, and it's interesting because as an alpha Cro-Magnon dude, there's a lot to Abraham that you'd not expect that the show will be going into.
Sin embargo, primatologos y etologos como Frans de Waal y Eibl-Eibesfeldt consideran que, como otros primates, los primeros seres humanos alimentaban boca a boca a sus hijos, como el hombre de Cro-Magnon, por lo que unir los labios sin transferir comida es la continuacion natural de una expresion de amor y de afecto entre los humanos, que viene de aquellos tiempos remotos.