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a brand of electric slow cooker.
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Let's not just lump all those lovely hardworking crockpots together," Fogelman posted on Twitter.
I have three crockpots and one Saturday a month I do quadruple mixtures of family favourites (think less fancy, more five ways with mince).
As you munch on those homemade cookies, store-bought chips and dips, and crockpots of someone's famous venison meatballs, you may ask yourself:
I sat in the truck with a load of crockpots and drinks in the back seat.
We had 100 crockpots donated, and we took those to the food banks, too," Minard says.
Among its offerings are six Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces line, packaged in convenient pouches and designed to be used with CrockPots and other slow cookers.
Retailers offered more and steeper deals on merchandise from flat-screen televisions to crockpots that, while luring shoppers, may ultimately hurt fourth-quarter earnings.
It's that time of year when away go the linen and sandals, and out come the flannel and boots; when shark watchers on the shoreline become leaf peepers along the trails; when cookouts and ice cream cones are soon replaced with crockpots and apple crisp.
Here is the twist: just as we rely on crockpots to slowly heat and mould a meal's flavours together, we must allow the individuals to apply the lessons for themselves.
From that point onward, the dish became a celebrated speciality, with restaurants such as Durgin Park becoming famous across the country for their specially-made crockpots of steaming beans and baskets of warm cornbread.
Makers convert 1930s rotary phones to Skype phones, repurpose crockpots into yogurt fermenters, wire remote controls for solar power, turn laptop monitors into desktop monitors, morph Lego blocks into USB memory sticks and even build homemade lie detectors with Velcro sensors that wrap around fingers.
After four years of making do, the Axe & Fiddle has left behind crockpots and hot plates in favor of a full kitchen with six-burner range and oven.