n.1.Land of superior quality, on which successive crops are raised.
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Kelvin Cave Ltd, Roe Deer Farm, Croftland Lane, Drayton, Langport, Somerset TA10 0LP.
Eleven of the turbines are situated on 11,500 acres of croftland owned by the Scottish Executive and assigned to Argyll-born crofter Allan Clark.
Senior, of Croftlands in Newsome, told police: "He handed the cigarette to me and goaded me to stub it out on his face, which I did.
Heifers: Limousin PS472 Crow Hall, PS410 Southernby Hall, PS390 Bridge End, PS350, PS310 Coombe Crag, PS308 Colby Laithes, PS290, PS285 Longbridgemuir, PS290 Croftlands, PS285 (x2) Grange Farm, PS260, PS250 Croftlands, PS250 Broomhills, PS250 Hensol, British Blue PS465 Tempest Tower, PS460 Groundy Croft, PS415 Moorhouse Farm, PS390 Wood Side Farm, PS350 Bailey Ground Farm, PS340 Gaitsgill Hall Farm, PS270 Upper Locharwoods, Simmental PS450, Morley Hill Farm, PS400 Underhelm, PS295, PS250 Hill House, PS270 Colby Laithes, Aberdeen Angus PS250, PS210 Morley Hill Farm, PS200 Woodside Farm, PS195 Colby Laithes, PS180 Cockleybank, Hereford PS135 Woodside Farm, PS130 Down by Rigg.
are a seven-piece band from Ulverston, Cumbria, consisting of 11 and 12-year-olds who formed at Croftlands Junior School.
Alice Eastwood, who only left her own home to move into Croftlands care home in Kirkburton last summer, passed away peacefully last Friday.
After his death Elsie spent a few years living with family in Bridlington before moving into Croftlands Care Home in Kirkburton a decade ago.
Leading weaned calf prices - Bulls: Limousin PS980, PS830 Sarkshields Farm, PS885, PS755, PS740 Rye Close, PS710 Macey Bank Farm, Parthenais PS755, PS730 Marina House, British Blue PS665 Barton Church Farm, Beef Shorthorn PS600 Hillhouse Close, Aberdeen Angus PS580 Macey Bank Farm, British Friesian PS490 Rye Close, PS430 (x3), PS380 Croftlands, Galloway PS460 The Minch, Holstein Friesian PS450 (x2) Barton Church Farm.
The case was previously adjourned so that Day, of Croftlands in Newsome, could receive spinal surgery.
Leading weaned calf prices Bulls: Limousin PS1120 Lough Head, PS900 Brocklerigg, PS860 (x3) Ladyhousesteads, PS790 (x2), PS760 Field Head Farm, PS780 Wickerthwaite Farm, Charolais PS850, PS790 Auchenhill, Simmental PS790, PS680 Auchenhill, PS740 Field Head Farm, British Blue PS760 New Blainslie, PS655 Whitegate, Holstein PS670, PS535, PS520 (x2) Field Head Farm, Hereford PS550 Croftlands, Montbelairde PS510 (x2) Morton Farm, British Friesian PS465 (x5) Croftlands, Holstein Friesian PS420 Pears Ghyll Farm.
But magistrates told Newcombe, of Croftlands Road in Wythenshaw, Manchester, that he had an "appalling record" for shop theft.
Bulls: Parthenais pounds 940 (x2), pounds 830 (x2) Marina House, Simmental pounds 845 Lamonby House, Limousin pounds 850, pounds 700 Low Blaithwaite Farm, pounds 775, pounds 770, pounds 750 (x2), pounds 710 Kelmore Hills, pounds 775 Pond Farm, pounds 735 Nunwick Hall, pounds 715 Longfields Farm, pounds 710 Lamonby House, pounds 710 High Lovelady Shield, pounds 700 Lodge Farm, pounds 700 (x2) Ryeclose, British Blue pounds 805, pounds 770, pounds 740, pounds 695 (x2) Kelmore Hills, Montbeliarde pounds 800 (x2) Lamonby House, Holstein Friesian pounds 610 (x8) Moorhouse Farm, pounds 585 (x9), pounds 510 (x3) Eastlanegate, pounds 555 (x6) High Aiketon, British Friesian pounds 555 High Aiketon, pounds 545 (x3) Croftlands.