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A drug, C23H16O11, given in the form of its sodium salt, that inhibits the release of histamine from mast cells and is used as an inhalant or topically in the treatment of allergies and to prevent asthmatic attacks.

[Alteration of chromonyl, one of its constituents (chrom(o)- + -on(e) + -yl).]
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They can also sell or supply any P medicine, which includes one antibiotic within its P licence of use for bacterial conjunctivitis only, as well as products such as Otrivine Antistin and sodium cromoglicate, both for use with allergic conjunctivitis.
1 Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops These soothing drops ease redness and irritation, and contain sodium cromoglicate which stops the body releasing the chemicals that cause itching (from pharmacies).
Sodium cromoglicate spray, which is a mast cell stabilizer is weakly effective against all rhinitis symptoms, but needs to be used three or four times daily and this limit compliance.
They get to work on itchy, puffy eyes in less than two minutes because they contain sodium cromoglicate, which relieves redness, watering and itchiness.
We used eye drops "Eyecrol" (World Medicine) produced in the form of transparent colorless aqueous solution of sodium cromoglicate (m/v 4%-10.
Stainer R, Matthews S, Arshad SH, et al: Efficacy and acceptability of a new topical skin lotion of sodium cromoglicate (Altoderm) in atopic dermatitis in children aged 2-12 years: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.