Cross action

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(Law) an action brought by a party who is sued against the person who has sued him, upon the same subject matter, as upon the same contract.

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The Friends of Weycock Cross action group has said it will oppose the scheme.
ASCI has also asked Gillette India to modify the ad that claimed 99 per cent plaque removal for its higher priced Oral B Cross Action Pro- Health Toothbrush.
Angry residents have formed the opposing Sharmans Cross Action Group and chairman Pat Montague is worried that the move could spell disaster for both the homeowners and the club.
Other cash gifts included $137,935 to the Namibia Red Cross Action Programme, the country where the couple's biological daughter SHILOH was born.
The lawsuits were combined and KPN and Plumettaz jointly refuted BT's allegations and filed a cross action asking for nullification of the BT patent.
Battery Brush - BRAUN ORAL B CROSS ACTION pounds 7.
For Braun, "the Oral-B Cross Action has been a huge hit," according to Mark Figlmiller, program manager for the company.

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