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In this manner, all things considered cross breed rices in China yield around 27% (1.
Sahiwal and cross-bred dairy cows performed almost similar, while HF and cross breed lowest SOD and GPx activities.
Cattle raisers cross breed the sheep with aim of producing animals of special and attractive appearance, he said, noting that the breeders exchange ideas and expertise regularly, particularly during festivals and contests.
Two of the piglets were Pietrain cross breed and three were Welsh cross breed.
All four cross breed dogs are trained and could move in with a family with children over the age of four.
Ian Henry, 34, of Rathbone Road, Wavertree, had admitted being in charge of his Sharpei/Staffordshire cross breed and allowing it to be dangerously out of control.
The tan-coloured female cross breed terrier, was found wrapped in a fleece blanket down a ditch in Bersham near Wrexham.
But Staffies Pork Chop and Freddie, Milly the American bulldog, Squidge the cross breed and Malibu the border collie-cross are all still waiting for their dream new owner to walk through the door.
CAN you give a new home to Jess, a five-year-old cross breed about the size of a Corgi.
Summary: A zoo in China's tropical Hainan province boasts controversial cross breed of lion and tiger, ligers.
I can't count the number of times owners ask me to define the breeds which make up their new cross breed dog.
KIMMY This Collie cross breed was abandoned by her owners and needs lot of affection.