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These rituals were said to be attended by the Lily White Boys sect, and the costume of these fire and moon-worshipping cultists are green flowing robes with a hood emblazoned with the Eye of Wotan - an encircled cross symbol of ancient Norse origin which supposedly endowed the wearer with supernatural powers.
Its noteworthy features include red-and-white stained-glass windows depicting the Red Cross symbol.
Hospital and ambulances with a blue cross symbol were for the treatment of animals, where of course those with a red cross were for humans.
Insurgents opened fire on the evacuation helicopter, marked with the universally recognised Red Cross symbol, on Friday as it approached the designated landing area near where the service member had been injured by an improvised explosive device, the alliance said in a statement.
A monastery, a church, and buildings and a tractor with the cross symbol, as well as gold jewelry and coins that date back to the third century AD were found in al-Heera al-Qadeema area," Mohammed al-Mayali told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.