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cross section

also cross-sec·tion (krôs′sĕk′shən, krŏs′-)
a. A section formed by a plane cutting through an object, usually at right angles to an axis.
b. A piece so cut or a graphic representation of such a piece.
2. Physics A quantity, measured in units of barns, used to express the probability of an encounter between particles over a given area in a collision. Also called collision cross section.
3. Statistics A sample meant to be representative of a whole population.
4. Informal A variety; a diversity.

cross′-sec′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.cross-sectional - of or relating to a cross section; "a cross-sectional slice"
2.cross-sectional - representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length; "cross-section views of the neck"
crosswise - lying or extending across the length of a thing or in a cross direction; "a crosswise street"; "the crosswise dimension"
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Using cross-sectional data from the National Survey of Children's Health 2007 (NSCH), Heather A.
These results highlight the gradual shifts among age groups over time and the influence of the time of sampling relative to the emission time trend, which is crucial to understanding the relation between age and PCB body burden based on cross-sectional data collected at different points in time.
To gain insight into avian influenza virus (AIV) transmission, exposure, and maintenance patterns in shorebirds at Delaware Bay during spring migration, we examined temporal AIV prevalence trends in 4 Charadriiformes species with the use of serial cross-sectional data from 2000 through 2008 and generalized linear and additive models.
This study used cross-sectional data from a larger outcome-monitoring project to describe the training received by foster (including kinship) carers in Ontario, Canada, and explore the possible links between such training and selected foster child outcomes.
Because the researchers used cross-sectional data, they don't know if added sugars intake caused the differing cholesterol levels, only that they are linked.
The 16 contributions are presented in sections dealing with statistical issues in the analysis of econometric models built on the cross-sectional data often arising in microeconomics, time-series models found in empirical macroeconomics and finance, and types of panel data (time-series of cross-sections) and spatial models for analyzing complex economic behavior and policy evaluations.
Researchers conducted analyses of cross-sectional data from the National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiologie Survey, administered 1991 and 1992, as well as the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions, administered between 2001 and 2002.
The study's authors said using cross-sectional data, which is the traditional method of presenting occupational safety and health information, tends to underestimate risk.
The models examined in Chapters 2-5 mainly employ a single regression equation, with one dependent variable and at least one independent variable, and primarily concern cross-sectional data.
Given the Cross-sectional data on 25 countries until 1965, he showed a negative, albeit statistically insignificant, effect of democratic institutions on redistribution.
The fact that we can document the relation in our study using cross-sectional data suggests that the effect of wages on employee theft can persist over time," Chen said.
Data source: An analysis of cross-sectional data on 3,355 NHANES and 97,310 BRFSS participants with diabetes who were surveyed between 1999 and 2010.