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n.1.An instrument formerly used at sea for taking the altitudes of celestial bodies.
2.A surveyor's instrument for measuring offsets.
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The 22 tutorials cover the Score Editor menus and getting started; display quantization and polyphonic staff styles methods to prepare parts for individual instruments; grace notes, beamed grace notes, and other issues for parts; score sets, symbols, and note alteration; lyric entry, text styles, headers, and footers; cross-staff beaming, doubling instruments, polytonal scores, and time signatures; edit and copy options; drum notation; orchestral percussion; creating parts for guitarists and specialized instruments; score preferences and project settings; layout techniques; preparing chord charts for sessions, lead sheets, and master rhythm charts; and other aspects.
Cross-staff the Bellingham Fire Department's primary ladder rig to free personnel for other duties
Additional cutting-edge features include enhanced Human Playback(R), Update Brackets and Groups, Quick Change, Vertical Collision Remover, updated Playback Controls, enhanced positioning of cross-staff augmentation dots, improved pickup measures, enharmonic spelling in chromatically transposed parts and much more.