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v. i.1.To flow across, or in a contrary direction.
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Since 2009, Pica8 has pioneered new open networking technologies such as Linux-based networking, OpenFlow and CrossFlow networking, vASIC and Table Type Patterns.
The EFD equipment order includes two HydroFloat Separators and four CrossFlow Classifiers.
All three designs include features to minimize the chance of crossflow between the HW and CHW systems.
VA Filtration has a wide range of different types of crossflow filters that have membranes from microfiltration to nanofiltration.
The overall force and moment coefficients have been derived for the two cars in a sheared and unsheared crossflow, where the mean yaw angle in both cases is 10[degrees].
Sartorius Stedim Biotech's SARTOFLOW Smart is an easy benchtop crossflow system for optimized ultra--and dia-filtration applications.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech's (SSB) single- use ultrafilter Sartocon Slice 50 is an encapsulated and ready-to-use crossflow module with a filter area of 50 cm2 and a wide variety of molecular weight cutoffs.
In these instances, no cementing technique could resolve the problem so a WAB was deployed in the open hole in conjunction with cement, the WABs preventing crossflow between two zones that previously led to cement channeling and failure.
The presence of a crossflow tends to disturb the impinging jet pattern, thicken wall boundary layers, and degrade transfer rates.
The selections are part of a growing crossflow of active-duty and Reserve members.
Eleven chapters are: crossflow microfiltration in the dairy industry; novel thermal methods in dairy processing; high-pressure processing of milk and dairy products; applications of high-pressure homogenization and microfluidization for milk and dairy products; pulsed electric fields (PEF) processing of milk and dairy products; high power ultrasound processing in milk and dairy products; ultraviolet and pulsed light technologies in dairy processing; carbon dioxide: an alternative processing method for milk; non-thermal pasteurization of milk using CHIEF technology; bacteriocins of food grade lactic acid bacteria in hurdle technology for milk and dairy products; leveraging the beneficial compounds of organic and pasture milk.