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v. i.1.To flow across, or in a contrary direction.
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The common answer is to step up the crossflow speed and energy use, and accept the drop in efficiency and productivity.
But workforce development with the space mission system teams and the cyber teams, I was really glad to hear you say [inaudible], but the question I'm really interested in is it's logical then that there are opportunities for crossflow between those career fields and really strengthen the ties of space and cyber within the command for the Air Force, so I'm interested in where you are and what your thinking is in terms of in some of those professions because really there's SATCOM's global network, AFSCN, you know, global network--you know, that type of thing.
These methods measure the turbulent interaction of crossflow jets with the main flow, for a variety of jet configurations and orientations.
13 for axial flow in the outer cavity contains a parameter that depends upon power-law index and additionally a Reynolds number for the crossflow.
The flow field of a jet in crossflow is believed to be influenced primarily by the effective velocity ratio.
During last year's RAC Rally," said Jobson, "we spent the Saturday replacing the engine with a 1600cc crossflow engine, exhaust system, fuel system and so on in order to run on the Sunday, after stopping 300m into the first Friday night stage.
Powered by a 1,700cc Ford Kent crossflow engine with around 135bhp in standard tune, it uses a Sierra five-speed gearbox and differential and has de Dion rear suspension.
The device continuously performs short-term analysis of all USM diagnostics: transducer performance, SNRs, path-to-path SOS deviations, gains, turbulences, profile factor, symmetry and crossflow.
They've chosen a 51kw crossflow turbine which could generate enough electricity to power 70 homes.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech, a leading supplier of equipment and services for the biopharmaceutical industry, offers bioreactors, fermenters, crossflow, integrity-test equipment, housings, single-use fluid handing, and mixing technology.
CRYOLINE[R] XF Crossflow Spiral Freezer: High-efficiency hygienic design doubles the heat transfer rate of standard spiral freezers, reducing freezing costs.