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Can he be the great, grave gentleman upon whose stick I used to ride crosslegged, the care-worn man into whose thoughtful face I used to gaze with childish reverence and whom I used to call "father?
Smith is notoriously hot-tempered, but the sight of some nondescript and miry creature sitting crosslegged amongst a lot of loose straw, and swinging itself to and fro like a bear in a cage, made him pause.
Jhule Lal is believed to be an incarnation of Varun and is usually represented sitting crosslegged on a lotus, balanced on a palla fish swimming in the Indus River.
Lily, who stars in photographs crosslegged on a heap of clothes, is rallying people to drop off good quality clothing, accessories and homeware they no longer need at their nearest TK Maxx.
Now she is able to sit crosslegged with her friends in school as long as somebody is behind her in case she falls back.
Be it toy motorbike racing, hamster-whispering, or just your common or garden rugby, you will either be contorted in ways you forgot you could be contorted, or prostrate, or supine, or crosslegged, or splay-legged, on the floor.
Why does Keeley Donovan stand crosslegged while delivering the BBC Look North weather forecast?
I'm doing it acoustic and crosslegged where I'll sing and tell stories.
A t the brick-and-mud Chaumuah school in Mathura, scores of girls in khaki uniforms sit crosslegged on floor mats once the gong sounds for lunch.
Some of the Taliban sat crosslegged and others knelt while some chose to pull up a knee to their chest for comfort.
The preserved body of the monk, sitting in the crosslegged lotus position, was discovered last week, covered in cattle skin, in the Songino Khairkhan district of the capital, Ulan Bator.