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Noun1.ethernet cable - any of several types of coaxial cable used in ethernets
coax, coax cable, coaxial cable - a transmission line for high-frequency signals
ethernet - a type of network technology for local area networks; coaxial cable carries radio frequency signals between computers at a rate of 10 megabits per second
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Caliper rear ford transit, front caliper ford transit, heat exchanger oil ford transit, ford transmission crossover cable, drive assembly left ford transit
So do lateral dumb bell raises, barbell military presses and crossover cable pulls for real boulder shoulders.
A Binder M12 male connector for connection to a power supply or crossover cable.
The crossover cable connection with no data traffic represents the best-case scenario against which to compare the other tests; that is, 60-ns offset, 7-ns standard deviation, and 85-ns pk-pk dispersion.
It could also result from premature wear of the battery crossover cable insulation caused by improper securing of cables in the battery box.
You fit networking cards into your PCs they are available for laptops and desktops then connect them with a crossover cable (which handles two-way traffic) or via a hub (if you plan to add PCs to the network later).
A UTP crossover switch eliminates the need for a crossover cable, and two Ethernet backplane ports provide connectivity to adjacent modules for network expansion and for in-band connectivity to an iConverter Network Management Module.
However, iMac can often benefit from using a crossover cable but there are a few points to remember: Use cables that are manufactured, not hand made.
It can be attached to an existing TCP/IP Ethernet network, built into an independent control network or used with a PC or industrial controller that can be directly connected to the Ethernet brain using a crossover cable.
The D-Link DES-1009G's Ethernet ports detect whether a straight through or crossover cable has been connected to it.
Once both Network cards are up in both nodes, the second "private" or heartbeat connection is established using a crossover cable and an internal TCP/IP address.
Apart from the adapters, you can also buy a wide range of cables including bulk cables, splitter cables, crossover cable, extension cable and much more from SF Cable.