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A method of outsourcing work over the internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration.

crowd′source′ v.
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This relatively new entrant into the field has tried out a new idea that is gaining traction: applying the crowdsourcing model to the design of an automobile by outsourcing the work of the design of the vehicle to the public via the Internet.
Luxury hotels are turning to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to get their properties financed, rather than banks and traditional investment routes, reveals the WTM Global Trends Report 2015, in association with Euromonitor International, released on November 2, the first day of World Travel Market (WTM) London.
Contract notice: Crowdsourcing engaging communities effectively in food and feed risk assessment.
With crowdsourcing campaigns popping up all over the news and social media, nonprofit leaders might be tempted to incorporate the strategy into their organizations' fundraising efforts.
Crowdsourcing, however, can be a misleading concept as it has, in some parts, come to be used as a synonym for simple fundraising, democratization and public consultation.
com, a startup that builds hiring solutions, introduced its Talent Crowdsourcing Platform at the "The Director's Round Table on Future Trends on Recruitment" at the LemonTree Hotel at High Tech City, Hyderabad, last Friday.
I suggest using a crowdsourcing model, informed by Kaizen Philosophy, to tackle our reduced resource and manpower problems.
Just 8% expect to see a fall in demand for alternative finance, such as property finance, crowdsourcing, invoice finance and asset finance, The findings show that small firms predict demand for alternative finance will rise by an average of 26% over the next two years.
The Navy is using crowdsourcing among its ranks as a way to solve some of its toughest problems.
Crowdsourcing utilizes the input of a crowd of online users to solve problems collaboratively.
Three million people have joined an effort led by a satellite operator to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, in what may be the largest crowdsourcing project of its kind.