Crown's evidence

evidence for the crown, in English courts; equivalent to state's evidence in American courts.

See also: Evidence

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The Crown's evidence was that Mr Young, along with fellow director Gary Collyer Armstrong failed to disclose to Westpac that EDIS and Orchard KM did not trade at arms-length and concealed the serious debt position of Orchard KM.
Crown's evidence is the things the one with the crown has to say, that is why it is called crown's .
Caron's trial resumed in late 2006, and 30 days were devoted to the Crown's evidence, with an additional three weeks of evidence called by the defence.
Reid, who had no previous convictions, still disputes the Crown's evidence, Teesside Crown Court heard yesterday.
But, dismissing the challenge, Mr Justice Maddison said all the judges who had considered the case over the years were impressed by the strength of the Crown's evidence.
Mr Mansfield said the Crown's evidence was not overwhelming.
He says the cornerstone of the Crown's evidence is whether or not they accepted evidence that Fraser was responsible for putting his wife's rings back in the bathroom of the family home in Elgin.
It's a wonder that the courts seem so frequently, or at least occasionally, to not take account of the Crown's evidence.
The foundation of the adversarial system is to test the Crown's evidence before the jury.
His ruling came after two days of intense legal argument following the completion of the Crown's evidence against the five men-Ray Butler, Glen Gill, Adam Hodgson, John Matthews and Jason Moore.
But I can state categorically that at no stage in the Crown's evidence against giving her bail did anybody say her fingerprints were on that rucksack.